“Your surroundings create your state of mind”


Anastasia is a Interior Designer with a background in Human Centred Design.  She believes Design is less about trends and more about the feeling or experience that stays with you long after you’ve left a room.

Her passion is to help people create a place that supports a positive, happy and healthy life. 

Anastasia believes our interiors influence emotions, state of mind and ultimately success in life.  As a self confessed ‘clean freak’ she also talks about the benefits of decluttering to your home and your health.  She shows people that through physical design we not only change the look of a room but how it makes you feel.  Through elements of colour, lighting, smell and texture there are multiple facets to create a successful design.

Having experienced divorce at a young age, a mid-life career change and having trekked to Everest Base Camp, Anastasia speaks on topics such as personal motivation, overcoming challenges, and inspires audiences to take action and pursue their goals.  She practises yoga, meditation and lives a healthy lifestyle.




Anastasia has the ability to calm a room with her warm energy and novel approach.  Her style is down to earth, authentic yet professional and articulate.  Her speaking style has been described as ‘refreshing and real’.

She shares her philosophy through her online presence including blog, social media and newsletter.  In addition, she runs regular networking events, workshops and guest speaking gigs across Australia.

Anastasia gives back to the community by tutoring Design students at a local university.  When she’s not designing she enjoys hot yoga, dancing, photography and chocolate.