6 steps to Designing the Mood for Love

Stupid Cupid or not..  he is baaack!  Yep. It’s that time of year again.

Around the globe marketing departments, florists, chocolatiers and restaurants are getting ready to MAKE. A. MINT!  Not to mention lovers and dreamers alike are hopeful their forever person will romantically whisk them away on a loved up experience on this special day.  But seriously.. they could do it on any one of the other 364 days too.  Just sayin..

But here at MD HQ we’re realists.  Whether you’re in lurrrv (with someone else) or not, we believe you should love yo self first!  So if you’re inviting your hot date over yours, or spending it solo watching MAFS (Married At First Sight), Pretty Woman or Bridget Jones’ Diary, we believe you should create the physical space for love..  and the rest will come.

So here they are.  My tips to create a loved up mood at your place.  These tips will get you in the mood to relax, enjoy, indulge and splurge – because you deserve it.


1. Colour

Red – stands for passion, confidence, assertiveness, moving forward and heat.  Wanna make your move? Splash some red around the place.

  • Buy a dozen red roses!
  • Create the classic rose petal path across the home leading to that magical place or sprinkle them on the bed.
  • Buy some chocolate covered hearts wrapped in red foil

Other colours that may contribute to a romantic mood are:

  • Purple – is all about extravagance and luxuriousness making it fit for a queen or king.  If you want to add a royal touch to your experience, add some purple.
  • Orange – the colour of creativity, abundance and intuition is always handy when it comes to love.  Is your gut telling you something?  Add some orange and tune into that inner voice.


2. Texture

Soft textures feel great against our skin.  The soft, sleek finish makes you feel so comforted and cosy and you instantly want more of it!

  • Throw a fur or faux skin rug on the floor
  • Use wool or cotton (think soft!) throw rugs across the sofa
  • Fluffy, knitted or tassel cushions on the bed


3. Nature

Not only are natural materials less refined and healthier for us but they have a calming effect on our unconscious.  They reduce your stress levels which helps you enjoy the moment.  Some natural materials you can incorporate into your environment are:

  • Wool, cotton, linen – use these on the bed, sofa or on the floor with a soft fluffy rug, throw or cushions
  • Wood and concrete – even the use of smaller decor items such as candle holders, plates, bowls and lamp stands can incorporate natural elements and turn down the energy levels.


4. Smell

Smell is our strongest sense after sight.  Smell affects the parts of our brain that affects feelings and perception.  Your first impression is largely based on smell so it makes sense to get this right!

  • Crank up sweet flavours like Vanilla and Caramel – they’re soothing, comforting and hard to resist!
  • Burn some Peppermint or Citrus to pump up the energy levels and motivation
  • Ylang Ylang or Lavender are great for relaxation and to get you in the mood

For more stats on smell, see my ‘Design for Happiness’ blog.

5. Lighting

You’ve all heard the term ‘mood lighting’ and for good reason.  Lighting does amazing things to your mood and energy levels.  Warm lighting is great for relaxation and helps you to wind down while cool lighting influences a more energised and alert state.  For a little romance here’s what I recommend:

  • Turn off the cool white lights and fluoro’s and opt for ‘warm’ lighting instead (red undertones as opposed to blue)
  • Opt for lamps instead of ceiling lights for a softer light
  • Use candles – fire being a natural element has a grounding, soothing and relaxing effect.  You know how you can just get lost staring into the flames?  Pretty relaxing huh..?


6. Food

Make the finishing touches a delicious sensual meal!

  • Seafood – Not only is it yummy, healthy and fresh, certain seafood is eaten as an aphrodisiac.
  • Dessert – Valentines is no valentine without dessert! (and I’m talking in the food sense!).  A classic and simple sweet soft velvety chocolate mousse paired with vanilla ice cream will always be a winner!


Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re single or not, do something for yourself – out of love!


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