Top 5 Room Makeover Tips


Last year I put a call out on social media to see what people wanted to learn more about from a Interior Designer.  I posted in various groups and the NUMBER 1 voted topic was ‘Quick + Easy ways to makeover a room‘.  People want the ability to refresh their environment without spending much time, effort and money.

Which kinda surprised me.  Not the fact that people want this, but the fact that they don’t know how to do it.  To me it’s simple.  But I suppose it’s like anything – when you’re surrounded in it constantly you lose that ‘fresh eye’ perspective.  When it’s your job and your passion, you’re constantly looking for new and exciting ways to present a room and you’re always curious and excited to try something new – at least I AM!

And that’s all it is people!  EXPERIMENT!  Just give it a go and see what happens.

For now, since the people have spoken, I will deliver.  So I present to you my Top 5 Room Makeover Tips.



1. REARRANGE – it’s good for the brain!

Expense: NIL, ZIP, ZERO!
Effort: MED

Use what you’ve got and move things around.

  • Re-arrange your lounge room furniture
  • Change up your cushions from bedrooms to lounge room
  • Relocate your decor and ornaments, even within the same room
  • Rotate photos in your photo frames – replace the old with new.  It’s amazing how a simple task like this can really grab your attention while you move around your home and make you smile.

Don’t be afraid to try something you’ve never had before.  Try your rug on an angle or rotate the entire room.

Changing up your routine and how you move around your home will certainly keep you on your toes.  Neurologically speaking, it will stimulate new neural pathways to connect in your brain which encourages mental growth, creativity and make you more open to change.  A bit like changing the route you take to drive to work.  You’re welcome. 😉



Expense: NIL
Effort: MED

Another cheap and easy way to create a new look – clean up!

Remove and reduce clutter around a room can have a massive impact.  When we live in a space, we begin to lose sight of that first impression when you first walk into a home.  Before we know it, we feel stressed and overwhelmed with all this ‘stuff’ we’ve accumulated.  Read my blog on ‘Declutter your life in 5 steps’.

So what do you with it?

I strongly recommend you donate it to charity or gift it to family and friends.  For the items that really MUST stay, get creative and repurpose it.  Here’s some ideas:

  • Create book stacks with books and magazines – they look great on coffee tables, bedsides and on shelves
  • Use old tea pots to hold cutlery for when guests come over (I saw this one recently at a friends house and loved it!)
  • Heirlooms sitting in cupboards collecting dust are technically clutter (which increase stress levels!).  Get creative, use Pinterest and find some ways to display them in your home without adding extra clutter.  Typically, having these items visible, will bring back positive memories and make you feel good so stop hiding them!



Expense: NIL
Effort: MED

The quickest and cheapest way I know to add a breath of fresh life to a room.  Cost is low and effort is close to N O T H I N G more than your typical chores.

  • fresh flowers
  • green plants to fill empty corners or smaller plants for coffee tables and shelves
  • table lamps for bedsides, dressers, coffee tables and consoles or floor lamps to fill empty corners in a room
  • candles for aroma, ambience and decor
  • music to complete the mood

home office


Expense: LOW
Effort: MED

A fresh lick of paint fixes errrrything!  I’m not saying to repaint your entire home or even room.  Sure, you can go nuts if you want but if it’s not in your budget or you’re renting, try repainting smaller items of furniture or decor.  Most older furniture has some sort of marks or scratches on them so now’s a good time to revive them.

Search Pinterest or Google Images for ‘furniture hacks’ to give you some ideas on colour and desgin.  There’s some pretty cool stuff out there if you dare to be creative!



Expense: MED
Effort: MED

If your place is looking a little bland, try dressing it up.  It doesn’t take much to really make a house look like a home.

  • Recover your furniture – sofas, bedheads, ottomans, blanket boxes, cushions
  • Add a rug – the living room is the obvious room but also consider placing one half way under a bed in a large bedroom.  Using a rug on hard floors can really soften a room
  • Dress up windows by adding some curtains, blinds or shutters
  • Add a bedhead to a ensemble bed
  • Change up your cabinet knobs, door handles and drawer pulls
  • Buy some new bedding – sheets, doona cover, throw and cushions
  • Add some lamps for ambience or to fill empty spaces and add some height variance to a room
  • Add some lift by way of plants – don’t worry, if you’re not a green thumb there are plenty of fake ones that look just as good!
  • Add texture to a wall – wall papers are much easier to remove than they use to be so try creating a feature wall with wall paper.  There are so many colours, patterns and textures available these days – the options are endless.




Here’s the MOST IMPORTANT part!

After you’ve made over your room.. Try it.  Live in it.  Experience it.  Sleep on it.  See how it feels.

Everybody has different tolerance levels to change and the time to adjust varies.  This is SO important if you’re living with other family members.  So remember to allow yourself time to get use to the new layout, look or feeling.  It’s just your brain that’s been hard wired to do things a certain way for so long, but if you persist – and it feels good – it will slowly get use to feeling different and doing things a different way.


A makeover doesn’t need to cost the earth or look like a tv reno show.

Small changes have the biggest impact, especially to you as the home owner.




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