5 tips to Designing the perfect home office

Work doesn’t look like it use to.

When I worked in corporate, we ‘worked from home’ a lot.  In fact, whenever we wanted to.  Each time I mentioned to my family that I was working from home, they’d suggest we do lunch or go shopping.  Seriously people, I may be in my pyjamas but I AM working!

But the home office didn’t really look like a home office when I first started.  In fact it was a laptop on the dining table.. or on the sofa..  or wherever I decided to land.  Not very OHS friendly but I have progressed to a proper desk set up now.

So the importance of having a comfortable work space dedicated to you allowing you to focus with minimal distractions is super important.

I present you my 5 tips for designing the perfect home office!


1. Lighting

I think this the most important factor when it comes to work.  Think about it, you’re sitting for endless hours in the one room requiring mental effort (depending on the nature of your work) for  length periods.

Natural Light.  If you can choose any area in your home for your workspace make sure it has sufficient natural lighting.  We are designed to rise and work when the sun is up and rest when it sets.  So the goal is to milk all the natural light you can get and NOT work after dark!

Cool Light.  If your work area doesn’t have enough natural light and you need to opt or artificial, then go for Cool Light.  That’s the one with the cool blue undertones – think  hospitals, libraries and schools.  Cool Light keeps you alert and provide clearer light.  Warm light on the other hand helps us to relax so you don’t want that if you’re trying to stay alert and focussed.

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2. Colour

Whether you realise it or not, colour plays a massive part in our lives.  It unconsciously influences how we feel and can be used to heal and trigger certain emotions.  Every body has a different relationship with colour so it’s impossible to suggest one colour for everyone.

But generally speaking, I will share some colour definitions here for you but please know these are a guide only as colour as a topic is a beast in itself.  Be mindful that too much of one colour may have a negatively stimulating effect (just like anything in life!) so you can create balance with complimentary colours.

The options truly are endless but at the end of the day, use a colour that makes you feel good and remember to consider your type of work and the mindset required before choosing colours.


Red is good for action, change, moving forward and making progress.  Incorporate red into an office space will influence an uplift in energy and momentum.  However too much red can generate too much heat, tension and masculine energy.

Blue is for communication.  It stands for authority, trust, rest, directness and protection.  Using blue in a team environment will nurture chatter and sharing of knowledge.

Orange relations to emotions.  Those drawn to orange have creative expression and like to make things beautiful.  It links us to our intuition and using our own insight can help us to go beyond our limitations and face new challenges.

White is for openness, honesty and transparency.  It provides clarity and looking at things from a different angle.  It can help those confused or who need help opening up.  Too much white however can cause someone who is not comfortable opening up to retreat.


If you want to learn more about colour definitions see Colour in Design and 7 Steps to creating a personalised colour palette.


3. Comfort

Sitting for hours is not the best thing we can do for our bodies but ensuring your space is set up in a ergonomic friendly way will ensure we are not only comfortable but much more effective in our work.

Ergonomics.  Get a proper height adjustable office chair and desk.  This graphic shows the correct posture alignment when sitting at a desk.

Move.  Make sure you’re always moving.  Stand up, stretch or go for a walk a few times a day means your body won’t feel stiff and you’ll have much more flexibility.

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4. Nature

Without oxygen we can’t breathe and cant’ think clearly.  So if your office space is lacking in ventilation, introduce some plants.  Not only is green a calming colour, bringing some life indoors creates freshness and of course oxygen.

Not a green thumb?  Don’t worry.  Fake plants create the same perception and have the calming and grounding effects as having real plants.

home office


5. Decor

Lastly but not least, a little decor not only finishes a room and ties it all together but it brings your personality to a room.  Nobody else has your exact collection of ornaments and decor so this is unique to you.  Think of the practical stuff, jars for your tools likes pens, brushes, bins, coasters etc.  Add some art work or framed inspo quotes to keep you motivated, and then some of the softer stuff like fresh flowers, scents (peppermint and citrus are uplifting and energising), and cute knick knacks you’ve picked up in your travels that make you smile.


Because humans we rarely succeed unless we’re having FUN!


Have you noticed how colour affects you?

What colour is your office?


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