Property Staging: Why do it?


So you’re thinking of selling up, you’ve heard about Property Staging but you’re not too sure what’s involved or whether it’s for you.

In this article I’ll outline some of the benefits of having your home professionally staged before you sell.


Who needs staging?

My clients range from private home sellers, realestate agents or home builders wanting to set up display homes.  Private clients can either contact a stager direct, or go through their real estate agent.  Some agents include it as a part of their service and others will allow private clients to deal with the stager direct.  There’s no wrong or right, it’s about personal preference and convenience.

When to consider staging?

If you’re considering selling your home, you should get a few quotes at least one month prior to listing your home.  You’ll need to give a stager 2-3 weeks notice to secure the hire furniture so at least one month in advance is a good idea.

What if I haven’t moved out yet?

Whether you’re living at home, have moved out or are in transition, you can still have a stager come out and have a look at your place.  In majority of cases, I work with an empty home however some people are either in transition or still living in the home.

If you’re still living in the property, I’d suggest holding onto some of your essentials like a bed and tv.  Sleeping on a hire mattress with hire linen is just weird and not recommended – it has happened!  Besides, most of the mattresses I’ve used still have the plastic wrap on them so I can’t imagine they’d be too comfortable.  Bear in mind that you’re liable for any marks, wear and tear against the insurance policy if there is any damage to the hire goods.





1. People buy emotion

95% of the decisions we make are based on emotion, and that includes buying home.  Staging allows the buyer to visualise the potential for the home.  The buyer is not just buying a house – they’re buying a ‘story’ and a ‘lifestyle’.

2. Communication tool

Staging is a communication tool.  By helping a buyer to visualise a room, it speaks to their emotions by selling the property as a home – not a building.

Have you ever looked at an empty room and when you furnished it, you realised it’s actually a lot different to how you’d imagined?  Staging creates that vision for a buyer, allowing them to imagine how the space can be used.  It creates an emotional response and sense of lifestyle that they’re buying into.   For example, a spare room can be set up to function as a bedroom or study.  Using the power of furniture and layout, creates the vision.


3. Create a luxe look

Use staging if you don’t have a complete house furnished or if you have a mismatch of furniture.  Staging will create a cohesive look and feel throughout the entire home making it appear more luxurious.

Stagers typically offer Partial or Full Staging depending on your needs, budget and furniture already in the home.

4. It’s a investment

Don’t think of it as an expense.  Based on statistics, it’s an investment that almost guarantees you a positive return.

You can achieve maximum $$$ in minimum time.

It’s proven that staging can result in the following:

  • Staged homes sell 30%-50% faster
  • Homes sell for 10%-20% more
  • 83% of buyers pay more for presentation

See my blog ‘Staging: The Facts‘ for more details.




5. Staging sells

In one story of a new housing development up for sale, one out of 5 homes with a similar layout was staged.  The property that sold first was the staged property.  As the furniture was moved to the next empty home, that staged property sold quicker than the empty ones.

At the end of the day, staging sells a home for more $$$ and less time.



What about virtual staging

Virtual staging is create for a cost effective solution.  But be careful.  I have seen quite a few jobs where I’ve looked at the physical home and the virtual furniture would not have fit in the space, or would need to be laid out differently.  So while it creates a visually stunning, cost effective and quick solution, in my opinion will never replace physical staging.



In essence, staging creates a vision and a story of that lifestyle, appealing to the emotions of the home buyer.  Virtual staging creates that online, but it’s completely different to experiencing it, moving around it and touching it in person.  Even in the age of digital, people still crave and need human touch and feel which will never be replaced by technology.

Staging is here to stay and demand is growing more and more.  So next time you’re in a position to sell, consider having your home staged.  You won’t regret it.


For more info on staging, see my other blogs:

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If you have any questions or would like to enquire about having your property staged, Contact Me.



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