5 ways to achieve the ‘Emma Blomfield mood’

Throughout my journey in the Interior Design industry, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some gorgeous souls.  Whether they’re clients, industry experts or anyone else in between, I’m always curious to know about their mood at home.  I like to understand how they describe it and how they’ve achieved it.  One of those people who crossed my path is Emma Blomfield – Sydney Interior Stylist.

Emma has been kind enough to offer me some guidance having already travelled my path.  You can always learn so much from those that have been where you’re going so I get a lot of rich wisdom when I reach out and ask.


You can see Emma’s beautiful work on her website and you can also purchase her recently released book ‘Home’ (which I give away for free at my events!).  But I wanted to dig deeper and find out about her private space at home and how she’s achieved it.

So I ask her a few questions and here’s what I found out..


A: Favourite colour / palette?

E: “I chop and change with favourite colours but a go to colour palette that doesn’t date is classic navy, white and taupe. It’s very Hamptons but just so timeless!” 

A: What makes you ‘happy’? Describe it..

E: “Lots of things make me happy but the older I’ve got the more I’ve realised happiness doesn’t necessarily come from materialistic things (although shopping for new clothes does make me very happy!!).  Happiness to me is spending time with loved ones, travelling to new places, exploring the city I live in and enjoying good food and wine with friends.”

A: What’s your favourite room in the house? Describe the ‘mood.


E: “My favourite room would have to be the bedroom.  It’s often the most overlooked room in the house because we don’t share it with most guests when we are entertaining so it’s easy to shut the door and spend the money on the living room.  But I’m a firm believer that we should spend money in the places we spend the most time so a comfy bed, nice linen and a quality mattress are a must for me.”

A: What are some things in that room that make you happy (explain why / where they came from)

E: “I have a beautiful watercolour floral cushion that sits centred to my bed cushions, it was quite expensive and a limited edition print so it’s very special.  I also love my white linen quilt cover and silk pillowcases, getting into bed is one of my favourite things to do each day because it’s so comfy!!  I also recently purchased a light grey sheepskin for winter for the end of my bed which is nice and toasty warm.”

A: Explain the approach you took to decorating that room. 

E: “It took a while to come together.  I did it in stages but I started with replacing the bed linen, adding statement European pillow covers and new brass lamps.   Then after looking for bedside tables forever I decided the best option with the most storage were actually $49 bedside tables from Ikea that I painted in Porter’s Paint and put a lovely wax seal over.  I also replaced the knobs with leather tabs so they are a pretty fun piece of furniture for the room that makes me happy because I know they are unique and one of a kind (and cost me less than $200 for both!!).”
So there’s a little insight into Emma’s favourite things and how you can achieve her mood.

My Summary?

Even as a Stylist or Designer, you don’t need to overcomplicate things and most of the time the simple things have the most impact.  Most of all I love that Emma connects her home to the journey/experience in how it came together – not where the products came from.
After all, that’s what will make for a lasting happy environment and timeless look!
So I hope you’ve been inspired to create a positive ‘mood‘ in your world.
Got any questions?  I’d love to hear them.  Leave a reply below.

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