Property Staging: The Process

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So you’re thinking of selling up, you’ve heard about Property Staging but you’re not too sure what’s involved or whether it’s for you.

I’m about to guide you through the process from start to finish so you have a better idea of what’s involved.  By the end, you will understand what staging entails and whether it’s right for you.

1. Finding a Property Stager

In most cases, Google will help you out. Also, talk to friends or your real estate agent for recommendations.  Make sure you look at photos of their work and look for reviews and testimonials.  My website and Facebook contain some fantastic testimonials I’ve received from clients.


A wonderful experience from start to finish.  A warm and lovely Anastasia understood our requirements and provided an excellent service. Her knowledge and passion was amazing to help stage our home ready for sale.  She exceeded our expectations and we are extremely happy with the outcome.

2. Quote

A site visit usually takes me about an hour.  As the client shows me through the house, I’ll take photos and measure each area.  I like to understand a client or agents thoughts in terms of specific selling features of the home so I make sure my work compliments those features.  ie. water views, opening doors are not blocked off etc.

I’ll have a quote to the client within 24-48 hours.  To proceed with the quote, you’ll need to accept my Service Agreement which will trigger an invoice.  All staging jobs require payment upfront and each stager will have their own terms – my terms require payment 7 days prior to installation date.


3. Behind the Scenes

There are a number of furniture hire warehouses in Brisbane.  Typically they require a minimum of 1-2 weeks notice to secure the furniture, trucks and removalists for the day of installation.

A few days before installation, I will visit the warehouse to select all furniture, decor and soft furnishings.  All the photos I’ve taken at the site visit come in very handy right about now!  This part of the job can take anywhere from 1-5 hours – it’s a long, tough job and usually I end up leaving with a headache and sore feet.

I will also send you a text the day prior to confirm my arrival time on the day of install.


4. Installation Day

Prior arrangements would have been made for access to the home on the installation day.  I will turn up with the truck and removalists about 8-9am and meet the homeowner or agent.  In some cases, the keys can be collected a few days prior to the install.

Before any furniture is brought into the house, the removalists will scan the house for any damage to walls or floors and photograph any evidence of this for our records.

Then the fun begins.

Beds are made, linen is steamed, boxes are unpacked and bags are opened ..  full of cushions, cushions and more cushions – and they ALL have a place fellas!

Outdoor furniture is also supplied as long as it is completely undercover and protected from the elements to avoid any damage from the elements.

A small apartment can take 3-4 hours and a large house can take all day.  The longest day I’ve been on a job was 9 hours with 2 of us styling a 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom, 3 story house – with a lift that we couldn’t use!  It’s a great job for physical activity that’s for sure and not so glamorous some of the time.

I also like to suggest that the agent or home owner are present towards the end of the day to make sure they’re happy with the job, before I leave.


5. Photo Shoot

Typically the agent will arrange the photographer, and this should happen the day AFTER a staging job.  In the case of a small job where it’s likely I’ll be finished early I might suggest the photographer arrive in the afternoon on the same day.  This speeds up the listing process by getting the property online faster.


6. After I leave

After I leave, it’s all in the hands of the agent and owner!  But before I wrap up, there’s a few things to note:

Insurance is typically provided by the furniture supplier.  In my case it’s included with an excess payable for any accidental loss or damage.   Even though a claim is very rare, I like to inform every client AND agent of this since they’re have a responsibility when opening the house to the public on ‘open days’.

Pack Up Day.  Standard furniture hire is for a 6 week period.  This date is booked into the calendar at the time of the hire booking and I will contact client about a week prior to notify them of this.  I don’t usually turn up on the pack-up day but the removalists and warehouse staff will turn up and basically do everything in reverse.  It’s a much quicker process and every single item is reconciled off a list.

So that wraps up the staging process from start to finish!

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For some evidence based statistics proving the benefits of Staging, read ‘Property Staging – The Facts‘.

Of course if you have any questions or would like to enquire about Staging, see my Services page or Contact Me.



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