5 ways a Interior designer can save you time and money


There is a myth that Interior Designers are only for the elite, wealthy and those living an extravagant lifestyle.

But what if I told you times have changed?

I don’t know anybody who doesn’t lead a busy life these days (quite sad really.. ) and now more than ever, we are relying on outsourcing for a helping hand.  Delegating time consuming yet essential tasks to ease pressure and create more quality time in our lives is becoming the norm.

The same goes for hiring a Interior Designer or Decorator.

I’m getting more and more calls from people who:

  • are time poor and too busy to dedicate time for furniture shopping (and all we know this isn’t a simple task)
  • don’t have a vision and don’t know what to buy  or where to look – they may be good at picking up a bargain but when they come home, nothing works..  aghhh!
  • have renovated and starting with a blank canvas is just too daunting – where to even begin?!
  • travel a lot for work or other reasons and are not still long enough to project manage a renovation or redecoration
  • suddenly realise Christmas is just around the corner and they realise they just won’t get it done


Just like any other outsourcing, giving this job to a designer will create so many benefits for you and save you in so many ways.  Most of these benefits are not realised until after project completion – trust me, I’ve heard it all from the DIY’ers.

This is my Top 5 ways a Designer can save you Time + Money on your next Design or Decorating project:

1. No Shopping Around

When you don’t know where to start this can feel like the blind leading the blind.  With a designer, you won’t have to shop around for furniture for tradesmen.  A designer has a lengthy list of contacts including suppliers and trades so they’re armed and ready to go!  They will organise quotes for you and have their recommended people turn up and get the job done.

2. No Driving across town

A designer has done all the driving around, she/he’s met the suppliers, tried the furniture and knows their price range and if not, they usually know where to find them.

3. Strategic Shopping

Sometimes a designer will offer to take you on a shopping trip with them to suppliers.  This way you get to test the pieces and choose what you want.  The role of the designer will be to keep you focussed on task, make sure you choose something that meets your budget and time.

4. Best Deals all year round

You don’t need to wait for sales and hedge your bets that your favourite piece will be available in your size and colour.  Designers get trade prices all year round and can pass on some of the savings.

5. Quality Time

Once you agree on your plan with a designer, you can relax and focus on more important things.  From here, all you may need to do is approve any further decisions that need to be made (and obviously pay the invoice).


The flow on effects are endless including less headaches and arguments because all decisions will have been made and agreed to up front.  A designer is less emotionally invested and will always keep you focussed on your original goal and intent so you don’t go off track.  Remember if you’re doing this yourself, always always always start with a plan!  A project without a plan is bound to go over budget and/or over time.

A good designer will guide you through all of this seamlessly without the headaches.  To choose the right designer for you read my blog on Why you should hire a Designer and Before you hire a Designer do this..

Designing, decorating and your home is an emotional journey.  This is the place you call home and want to be feel comfortable in for a long time.  The process of buying furniture is not a cheap process and you want it to last you a long time so there’s a lot of pressure to get it right – which is why it can be so time consuming.

If you have any questions, comment below or Contact Me to learn how I can help with your next project.


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