10 tips to Keep your Home Warm this Winter

Winter doesn’t have to be too uncomfortable, especially nowadays we are so fortunate to have access to so many resources and creature comforts.  Follow these tips to ensure your home stays warm all Winter and you won’t even notice the cold!


1. Work with the sun

Using our natural heat source to allow sunlight into your home during the warmest parts of the day.  Ideally homes would be built with this in mind, but if they’re not, encourage natural sunlight by opening curtains and shutters throughout the day and close them at night.


2. Cover windows

A lot of heat created in the home escapes through glass so curtains and other window treatments are fantastic for creating an extra barrier against glass surfaces.   Open curtains and blinds during the day when the sun is at its warmest and close them at night to trap the warm air inside and keep the cold air out.


3. Block drafts and doorways

Those gaps underneath doors are another avenue for airflow.   There’s no point heating a room when it continuously escapes.  A simple door stop or door mat thick enough to block the gap will speed up the heating process and even maintain the warmth for longer.

4. Reverse your Fan

If your ceiling fan has a dual mode, reverse the cycle so it operates in a clock-wise motion.  In Winter, any heat that rises will be pushed back down through the room keeping you warmer.


5. Create smaller rooms

When heating a living room, close off bedroom doors and other rooms to reduce the amount of space that requires heating.  A simple trick to increase the energy efficiency in your home.


6. Rugs

Use rugs, mats and carpets on cold, hard surfaces like tiles and wood floors – especially original timber flooring which has shrunk and expanded over time.  A lot of heat escapes through our flooring so use rugs under beds and in large open rooms to keep the warm air in and block the cold drafts.


7. Insulation

About 25% of heat escapes through the roof so consider insulating your roof.  This acts as a double bonus, keeping the warm air in during winter and the heat out in summer.

8. Use Natural Fibres

Breathable fabrics such as wool and cotton are more efficient in keeping us warm without building up a sweat like some synthetics.  Throw on some extra layers like throw rugs, socks and blankets on the bed and go natural.


9. Maintain your heating

Regular cleaning of filters and servicing of your air conditioning unit or other heating source will ensure it works throughout the year and not break down when you need it the most.  Air Conditioner filters need a 6 monthly wash down in warm water – check your manual.


10. Move

Instead of sitting still and shivering, get up and move!   Some simple yoga stretches, an active computer game in front of the tele (think dancing, golf, tennis..) or a good ol’ fashioned twister board game will not only get your body warmed up, but your body heat will contribute to the overall heating of the room.



I could easily add a #11 and call it ‘Drink Red Wine’ but it wouldn’t be a round number then would it?!  Use your imagination – and drink in moderation! – and stay warm this Winter.

What tips do you use to keep yourself snug as a bug in Winter?


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