Interior Design ‘Lifestyle Designers’ Community

“If only there was some way I could access a designers brain for those simple questions I have around my home.”


Why a community?

We all have that corner of the house or that spare room we’ve been watching for months or even years but have no idea what to do with it.  The common quick fix is to shut the door where it remains out of sight.  Queue the designer and bam – so many ideas and solutions within minutes.

‘Why didn’t I think of that?’

This is a common question I get all the time and I think I know why.  I have no emotional connection with your space or your home .. yet!  If you consider 95% of our decisions are emotion based, that’s usually what clouds our judgement and slows down progress.  I can easily walk into a room and see the potential pretty quickly.

Being faced with this common problem I decided to set up a Interior Design ‘Lifestyle Designers’ Community for those quick and simple challenges that need an external perspective.  It’s a great way to tap into other enthusiasts and experienced renovators who have something to offer.

Basically it’s a knowledge base that you can access anytime for F R E E!

The Questions

Examples of questions I get:

  • What size / colour rug would work in my lounge?
  • I have this but I don’t know where to put it.
  • Does this look funny here?
  • What style chairs would suit this dining table?
  • I’ve picked this colour, what do you think?

Photos are almost always helpful so the more information you provide, the more credible advice you will receive.


The Responses

Sometimes you don’t need a designer for those simple problems.  All you need is an opinion from someone who’s had the same problem, has experience or is simply an outsider who can be straight up and honest with you.

‘I think my friends were just being nice’

This is what one lady told me recently in the group recently.  As well intended as our friends and family can be, sometimes we just need to hear the cold, hard truth.  We may not ignore their opinion but it’s nice to balance it out with other perspectives.

Validation is helpful but ultimately, it always comes back to trusting your gut instinct.

Join the Fun

If you have a design challenge and are stuck on what to do, join the community and share your challenge.  Take the feedback, ask the questions and use the insight you receive wisely.  More importantly, don’t forget to pay it forward and give something in return to the group.

To join the fun, click here or search for ‘Lifestyle Designers‘ on Facebook.




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