Top 10 Tips to designing the ultimate ‘Cosy Cave’

It’s official.  Winter is here and N’amastay in Bed!

As a true homebody at heart, I love to make my home cosy and comfortable all year round but this time of year makes it especially easy to cancel plans, stay indoors, wear your fave flannels (as if you have so many options!) and snuggle up with a fluffy blanket (optional: add your favourite human or pet).

Here’s my fave tips to turn your home into a cosy cave this winter to encourage a little hibernation – or I like to call it ‘ME TIME’.

My tips cover physical, emotional and environmental aspects of design to create that ultimate ‘huggy’ mood.

  1. Textures  –  cosy spaces are associated with soft, smooth inviting materials.  Think fur rugs, woollen throws, plenty of cushions, ugg boots and flannel jarmies!
  2. Windows  –  roll down the blinds, tilt the venetians and close the curtains – only partially!  Try to retain a little natural light without allowing direct sunshine to intrude on your cosy haven, so create the mood by adjusting your shades to create that balance.  When the sun goes down, refer to the next tip..
  3. Lighting  –  best mood lighting for a cosy mood is closest to natural as possible.  If you have to turn lights on, go for candles, lanterns, floor or bedside lamps.
  4. Smells  –  Smells trigger memory.  If you have a particular scent that triggers those warm feelings bring ’em on out!  Earthy, woody and spicy scents like Cedar, Patchouli and Vanilla trigger a grounding feeling.  Add Jasmine for a good nights sleep or Lavender to relax.
  5. Food  –  Let’s face facts. Emotional eating is a thing.  Food makes us feel good!  Think ice cream, chocolate, popcorn, wine.  There are no rules, go for what makes you happy.  Obviously eating in moderation!
  6. Friends  –  Whether it’s your lover, neighbour, girlfriends, or family, you are who you spend the most amount of time with.  Invite your pals who make you smile..  (pals you can pig out with in your flanno’s and still have no shame!)
  7. Clothing  –  Someone said flanno’s?  Why oh why do they feel so good yet we are shamed if we wear them in public?  Well now’s your chance girlfriends!  Create the mood and go all out – bring out the fleecy robe!  ..umm no I wouldn’t have one of those.
  8. Clutter with balance  –  When it comes to interiors, physical clutter can clutter the mind, however minimalist design can feel cold.  The trick here is to ‘clutter with balance’.  Bring out decor, mementos and books that trigger nostalgic memories.  Placement with balance is key ie. don’t dump all your books in one corner of the room, stack them neatly against a wall with a picture frame sitting on top.
  9. Mindset  –  If you’ve completed the steps so far and still ain’t feelin’ it it’s time to bring your mind on board.  Try some meditation to slow down your breathing, clear your thoughts and make you mindful of the moment right now.  Apps: Headspace,
  10. Yoga  –  Ok your mind is primed, so why not your body?  The combo of stretching and breathing has no choice but to relax every bone – and muscle! – in your body.  A Youtube search will reveal plenty of quickie classes.  Ever floated out of a yoga class?  That’s when you know you’ve nailed it!


Happy hibernating and N’amastaying in Bed!



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