Before you hire a designer do this..

Why do you even neeeed a designer?

Why are you even considering a designer?  Write down your ‘why’.  What is it that you need from your space that you’re not currently getting.  How important is it to you?  How quickly do you need it?  Also write down what a successful outcome looks like for you.

Have a vision

Have some idea of the look or feel you’re after.  Share your likes vs. dislikes.  A good designer won’t offer you the latest trends – they’ll take the time to truly understand you and your lifestyle in order to deliver the best solution for you!

Do your homework

Stalk the pages of Pinterest or Instagram for some design inspo.  Save your ‘likes’ or create a board specifically for your project to show your designer.  Talk to friends, tradies and builders for recommendations.  Those in the trade have lots of contacts they may not necessarily share – unless you ask!

Have a ballpark budget

A good design solution should be built around you and your needs, not around your budget.  A simple bedroom can cost a few hundred dollars, or a million – it really depends on you and your needs and the designer needs to understand that upfront so they can work with it.

Don’t wait til the last minute

If you need the space ready for an event or certain time, don’t leave it til the last minute.  Ask your designer how long the project can take. A simple styling job can take a couple of weeks, however to furnish an entire home can take 6-12 months.  Your designer should give you an approximate timeline at the beginning of the process, however you should always allow for and expect delays.

Trust your designer

Things will get personal so get ready to open up!  A good designer needs to really get to know you and for that, you really need to share.  Share your likes and hates, how you use (or intend to use) the space, your quirks, your family and your lifestyle.  Personally I want to look inside your wardrobe and get inside your brain!  It really is like having a counsellor but remember a good designer will earn your trust and you must have an authentic genuine connection from the very start.

Be decisive

Revisions cost money. Know how much freedom you have to make changes.  Most revisions are ok in the design phase but not so much during the delivery.  To make things easier, ask your designer to set benchmarks or milestones along the way so you both know when each goal has been met.

Ask us

Ask to see their latest work (if you haven’t already stalked their social pages).  Understand their fee structure – everybody will charge differently based on experience and qualifications.  Ask how they communicate and whether they can meet your needs ie. do you need regular updates or not.  Be clear on timing expectations.


Meet up!
Finally, meet face to face and ensure the decision makers will be home with minimal interruptions.  Choose a time when you’re calm and in a clear frame of mind coz that’s when you make the best decisions.  Good luck!


Do you have an experience with a designer you’d like to share?  Comment below.


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