Property Staging: The Facts

What is it

If you haven’t heard of Property Staging, you’re not alone.  Staging is a fairly new concept in Australia but demand is growing super fast.


Because it get’s results.

The goal of Property Staging is to make the home appeal to the highest number of potential buyers, therefore selling the property quicker for more money.  #winning!

The concept of property staging has been around for years in the States.  In Sweden, home staging has been ‘a thing’ since 2000 with professional stagers claiming styling yields 10% higher pricing compared with just cleaning the home.

US research tells us that staging a property can reduce time on market by 30-50% and fetching as much as 6% to 20% more than an empty home.

The popularity of US Reality TV Shows like Flipping Out and The Stagers has also encouraged the demand for staging across the globe.



There is a belief that staging is only for the elite or it’s too expensive.  WRONG!

The results speak for themselves (see below).

The question is ‘Can you afford NOT to?’.


The Psychology

Psychologically speaking, 95% of our decisions are made with our ‘emotional’ brain and 5% with our ‘rational’ brain.  What does this mean?  95% of our decisions are unconscious – based on feelings, not logic.

We’re tapping into the emotions of buyers.  When something feels good, we’re in!


The Results 

  • Staged homes sell 30%-50% faster
  • Homes sell for 10%-20% more
  • 83% of buyers pay more for presentation
(2015 Home Staging Profile, National Assoc of Realtors) 




Professional stagers use furniture, art, decor, lights, greenery to give buyers an attractive first impression of the property.  Obviously everyone has their own personal taste but when it comes to staging, the design is worked to target the potential buyers.

The process of staging begins with a consult with a professional stager.  The stager will take photos, measure up and may recommend maintenance or decluttering that needs to occur.  They will carefully select furniture and decor to be hired and will usually complete the install in a day.  Furniture and/or decor can be hired for one room, half a house or a complete home.  Photography usually happens after staging is completed, before being listed on the market.



Can I DIY?

Absolutely.  If you like getting creative, have an eye for textures, colours and detail, and you want to get active, then go for it!


When to call a Home Stager

You should provide a stylist with a minimum of 1-2 weeks notice before home is listed on market.  Most will promote their work online so have a look at their social media platforms.  Alternatively, talk to agents or people in the property industry – nothing beats word of mouth recommendations!


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