Decorating without the damage

(.. and when I say ‘damage’ I mean the financial type!)

I talk about introducing decor as a way to introduce your personality and make your space unique to you.  Your collection of ‘things’ tells a story about who you are, it also makes your space ‘yours’.  But where do you find these ‘things’ and more importantly, how do you make a space feel like a home without it costing the earth?!

I’ve put together some tips on decorating on a budget and to know where and how to spot these goodies.

Everything pictured purchased on sale! Occasional Chair, Warehouse Clearance Outlet; Black Candles, Reject Shop; Silver Candelabras, Byron Bay Gift Store; Silver Morrocan Tray, Oz Design; Coffee Table Base, Custom make via eBay; White Rug, Freedom;


  • Discount Retailers | Keep an open mind and have a look at some of the discount retailers – you can find some quality items here and save a bucket load.  My 8 year old Fantastic Furniture sofa is still in great condition and Two Dollar shops are my go-to faves for candles.  I’ve also picked up some cool picture frames and kitchen canisters from Kmart that look fantastic for a great price.
  • Warehouse Sales | Thanks to social media, Furniture Clearance Outlets and Warehouse sales are very easy to find in any state.
  • Timing is everything | Visiting homeware stores at the right time of year can translate to hundreds of $$$ in savings.  I bought my fluffy white rug from Freedom for half price at their end of year sale.  And who could say to no to 30% off cushions by Adairs? Not me.


  • A great activity for a rainy day and thanks to Youtube you can now teach yourself pretty much anything – there’s really no excuse!  I’m about to teach myself macrame… wish me luck.

Silver Moroccan Tray, Oz Design


  • eBay usually has ‘one offs’ or things you don’t usually find in store.  I found a local tradesman who handmade oak table bases so I got one made and topped it with a silver morrocan tray I bought at Oz Design – on sale!
  • Air Tasker is a platform for sharing services.  I offered $25 for someone to sand the legs on my occasional chair as they were too dark – total cost $25!


  • Mementos tell the best story.  They take you back to your adventures and hold personal memories like nothing else.  Of course you won’t have the luxury of time or sales here, so this is the only place I’d suggest splurging on decor.  It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement but the old rule of thumb still applies – if in doubt don’t buy it.  If you really really really love it and can’t stop thinking about it, then do it!  My silver candle holders were from a boutique store in Byron Bay – not the cheapest but I fell in looove with them and 7 years later I still haven’t regretted that purchase!  And most recently I bought a deer antler from the Tassie Salamanca Markets – now I KNOW these retail for over >$80 so needless to say my eyeballs almost popped out when I saw the $25 price tag!

Collapsible Seagrass Basket, Oxfam $19.95

Deer Antler, Salamanca Markets $25 – Bargain! Watch this space and my DIY attempt at Macrame..

They key is do your homework and know what a reasonable price is so when you spot a deal, you can snap it up then and there!  Spread your filters wide and look outside the conventional places..  (think Oxfam, Reject shop etc).  Finally, good things take time – let your collection develop organically and don’t be in a rush.  Keep an eye out on sales, subscribe to retailers online so you can jump on a bargain as soon as they’re announced.

Happy Decorating!


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