It’s all Green in Twenty Seventeen..

By now you may have heard that Greenery was announced as the colour for 2017 by Pantone..  ok..  so now what?  If you’re not sure what to do with this, let’s offer you some inspiration for how to work this colour into your home.


A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.

If you’re scanning your lounge room right now wondering “how the hell do I keep up with the trends year after year?” read on my friend.

I completely agree!  Keeping up with trends is one thing.  Creating your own unique style that NEVER dates is another.  Personally, I believe design is not about trends.  Think about it, we would be clones of one another (some might argue this is already the case) and so would our homes, clothing, furnishings and colours..  nothing creative about that!

To me, design is having the courage to use your own creativity, your own style and your own tastes to tell your personal story.  So you think you’re not creative.. blah blah..  E V E R Y O N E is creative, you’re just not digging deep enough or you may need a little inspiration.

That’s where I come in  😉

As a designer, the most critical part of my role is to listen and understand all of this about you before I dive in and deliver anything.

Ok.. you’re still with me and this all makes sense so far?

Like I’ve said in previous posts, use things you’ve collected over the years that you love  or that have meaning to you.  That painting you bought in Spain, or that t-shirt you wear all the time, your favourite shoes or plant.  Where do you physically go when you are at your happiest.  Look around.  What does it look like there?  What colours do you see? What smells do you smell? What noises do you hear?

We use all of this information to form the foundation for a colour palette and build on it from there.

Green is awwwsumm (and is my favourite colour just quietly..)

OK, back to Greenery and 2017.

You want the latest look for the not so latest price?

Lucky for you, I’ve done some homework (you’re welcome) to demonstrate how you can incorporate Greenery (or just green) into your life.


These are just a few ideas and as you can see, the options are endless.  Also pay attention to the colours alongside the green and how well they compliment each other.  Of course the amount of green you use is really up to you.

So next time you’re in a homewares store, you don’t need to pick up everything green like a crazy person (unless you really want to?!).  Read my colour wheel post to understand what colours work alongside this calming beauty and remember to just have fun!




Pandanus At Dusk – Print





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