Keeping baby events classy

I love my clients! They have such good taste.

Well, not just because they choose me to style their home or event (cheeky!), but because they have class and style.  It’s not often you get to style a classy baby event and this time I had so much fun doing it.

As usual it’s all in the detail.  From start to finish, it was go go go.

The colour palette was determined by the invitation chosen by my client (via etsy).  It was a vibrant mix of pastel pink, mint green and glitter gold – unusally different to your ‘over the top’ pink pink pink events and sooooo refreshing.

Not that there’s anything wrong with pink, but I like to be different and so did these guys!

I expanded my creativity to more than just physical styling by making and decorating the letter ‘M’ biscuits which were handed out as a bonboniere and thank you gift.  I experimented with a tissue paper flower wall mounted with foam sheets.  We recycled hessian table runners (from the baby shower) and added a simple addition of table candles and balloons.

The real touch however was in the photo slide show.  In addition to the flower wall, which appealed to many selfie addicts, the slide show was the centre of many smiles, memories and conversations.

If I was to offer tips on keeping it classy, they would be:

  1. Mix it up: Don’t go over the top on one theme whether it’s colour or music play list – mix it up a little.
  2. Mood lighting – always adds that special feel to any event.
  3. Textures – try making your own flowers with paper instead of buying fresh ones.  They’re so much more versatile being pinnable to a wall and looking fresh and bright all day long.
  4. Mingle – create space for people to get up, walk around, mingle and not stay so formal and seated the entire event.  A bar tab usually helps 😉
  5. Personal touch – add something personal to the event, whether it’s an image slide show, thankyou cards with photos, or handmade biscuits.  This also makes the event much more relaxed, comfortable and not so formal.

Each and every time, I wonder why I go to such detail and how I find the time to do it, but every single time the satisfaction of seeing the end result makes it all worth it.  Especially seeing the faces of the clients and guests light up as they enter the room.

If I had to describe the mood of this event, it was elegant, classy, warm, loving, simple and just gorgeous!


Thank you to my gorgeous family and friends for letting me do this for you.  I’m so happy when you’re happy!


Tass xo


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