The age of outsourcing

These days everyone is busy.  It’s such an over used word.  But as much as I don’t like using it, I struggle to find a replacement that describes how chaotic life can be.

When I was a kid, the word I used a lot was ‘bored’!  There was always nothing to do, nowhere to go.  I would spend weekends reorganising my bedroom or mums’ pantry (sadly, I loved it but so did she!).  We would watch midday movies, do the grocery shopping, visit family and friends – with plenty of time left over.  I would help mum with the cooking and dad with renovating.  Somehow, we just found the time.

What I’ve learned as an adult however, is that it’s not about how busy you are, but what you choose to make time for.  You can fill your day with meaningless tasks and to-do lists, but do they really add value to your life?  The real impact for me, always hits home as we approach Christmas where you reflect on the last twelve months and wonder what you’ve accomplished..

Fortunately these days – thanks to the internet – there is help at hand with almost anything you need.  There’s always someone willing to do the job as long as you’re willing to pay.  I’d love to tell you this concept will suddenly create all this extra time in your day, but I suppose that’s really up to you.

Some of the services available right now include:

  • lifestyle managers
  • baby sitters
  • chefs
  • errands
  • deliveries
  • virtual assistance
  • odd jobs
  • assembling ikea furniture
  • micro tasks

Ever needed..   a tap washer replaced?  a leaky gutter sealed?  the washing done?  the groceries bought?  gifts wrapped?  the dog walked?  the car washed?  even a marriage proposal!  (Yup! .. but chances are you may need to get involved in the actual ‘proposing‘).

Personally, I’ve used Airtasker for various things like sealing leaky gutters, fixing a garage door, lawn mowing, drafting legal documents and more recently, to renovate furniture.  Each time, I found the process so simple, affordable and efficient.  The rating and review system means you have control over who you choose to do your work.  You can also earn some money and bid to do tasks that are posted by other air taskers.

My recent job was to sand and stain the chairs of my occasional chair.  I bought this chair brand new from a warehouse sale for a bargain price of $170 BUT the colour of the legs didn’t match the rest of my furniture, so off to Airtasker I went!

Here’s the before..


chair before

and the after.. IMG_4035


Ooha Laa!  A brand new look!  All for a little negotiating which cost me $40 and a trip to Bunnings to buy the stain. Simple!

There are plenty of ways to outsource jobs you need to get done around the home or in any aspect of your life.  In today’s sharing economy thousands of dollars are spent on outsourcing of jobs online to help make our lives a little easier.  If you’d like to try outsourcing for yourself, here’s a few website platforms to check out and decide for yourself which one is right for you.

Various Jobs


Home Improvements


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