Thoughts become your reality: 3 steps I did to create mine

You create what you think, right?

Well it’s now week 2 back in the corporate life but my thoughts are elsewhere.  I wanna go back and play out there where I’ve been spending the last 4 months. (By ‘play’ I mean glued to my laptop 10hrs a day studying Int Design!).  My heart is still there and I’m finding it hard to care about the meaningless tasks in corporate land that never seem to go anywhere.

My mind has been stretched.  I’m excited about what a big world it is out there.

My challenge is now about how I maintain a balance between these two worlds.  As long as my focus remains clear, my thoughts will motivate my actions and my actions will become my reality.

Naturally however, reality kicks in..  or some would call it fear.

  • How will I earn the same income to sustain my lifestyle?
  • How do others make that transition?
  • How will I find time to study?
  • How can I stop work consuming my life again?
  • When will I find time to see my friends + family?

But then, practicality makes an appearance..  ta daaa!  So I’ve set up a few things to support me.

My 3 things to maintain focus on my end goal.

  1. Visual reminder: my iphone screen saver now shows my business logo every time I unlock it  (a lot!).
  2. Routine: Set up a weeknight study routine so as not to let it slide off the radar.
  3. Chunk it down: Each day at work I list the Top 3 (big) things I need to accomplish before I go home.  This avoids me moving into the meaningless detail of the mental ‘to do’ lists I’ve created.

It’s amazing how this simple strategy has regenerated my enthusiasm, hope and belief that I will fulfil my dream.  It’s so simple yet still serves as a constant reminder of my big picture and where I’m heading.

Next time you feel stuck, take some time out to clear your head.  Switch off.  Go for a drive.  Take a holiday.  Then list out 3 things you can change TODAY to steer you in the direction you want to go.  Those 3 things may change and evolve.  Those 3 things may not seem like much today, but in 6 months when you look back and realise what you’ve done, you’ll realise their impact.

Your thoughts are becoming real..  Good luck!



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