The F word.

Firstly for all the f words.. #sorrynotsorry

I keep saying I’ve learned so much but this has to top the list of lessons.  FUN.

Apparently study is boring, study is painful, study is dreaded.  I’m still waiting for those feelings to hit.

I’ve cancelled plans (sorry!), skipped meals, missed tv shows including the bachelor (omg!), even my beloved gym sessions to study.

I’m not saying it was easy. It wasn’t always about pretty colours and textures.  It was challenging at times and did my head in during others, but when I was in that zone, there was a sense of satisfaction that pushed me to keep going.  Once I finished one assignment I’d start the next and the next.  I was on a roll!  If only I had another 4 months to keep going..

Theme for this post kids is FOLLOW THE FEELING OF FUN.

If you’re having a good time, keep going.  It’s not rocket science but why do we have less fun the older we get?  Most people live their life never getting to explore this feeling.  YOLO right?!  Well I’m going with what feels good coz it’s making me happy and apparently doing what you love means you attract good vibes and naturally are more successful at it.  Choose your own adventure!  I know mine has only just begun.


The challenge of returning to FT work after 4months leave is maintaining focus. on my dream.  Focus when my day starts at 6am and ends at 10pm.  Focus when I want to include gym, yoga, dinner (.. showers would be good) into my daily routine.  Seriously.  I swear days were longer when I was a kid.

ROUTINE.  It’s not an F word but it works!

Apparently the secret to routine and accomplishment is Dedication and Discipline.  As dull as it sounds I will need to schedule in study time so I stay on track to finish sooner.

Without sounding like a yoyo dieter, I’ve decided to get back into gear next week – 2 hours each night for 3 nights or 5 hours each week.  Either that or I give up my social life…    let’s give this routine a crack.  Why?

Coz I’m chasing F U N



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