In the beginning..

Standing by my dad’s side as a little girl I was always mesmerised and intrigued as I watched him renovate rooms, repair windows, build walls, concrete (we are greek!) tile, paint, rewire electricals, garden and successfully complete so many more jobs around the home (as an.. *cough cough* unqualified tradie).

I learned very quickly to anticipate the next tool he would need so I appointed myself as his junior TA (Trade Assistant).  When I finished helping mum in the kitchen, I would run downstairs to watch him work, always in awe of the transformation process.

When I wasn’t watching dad, I would help mum cook and clean and take pride in her home.  One of my best memories as a young girl was visiting my grandma on a winter’s night and over a cup of tea and biscuits, we – mum, gran and I – would work on our knitting, crocheting or tapestries.  I quickly built up a collection of tapestry patterns, knitting needles and thread.

The only piece that ever made it to public display was a picture of a little girl in a kneeled praying position that hung on the wall above my bed.  The rest of my work were ‘fast failures’ and ‘learnings’.  In fact I don’t ever recall finishing anything else..

In high school I quickly realised my interest in art, whether it was photography, painting and drawing – I was in!

Later in life, owning my own house gave me a real life canvas for putting all that knowledge to use – a real life play ground!  I plastered, painted, demolished, landscaped, harvested, sewed, knitted and cooked.  I also discovered my addiction to homewares..

Fast forward to today.  Just turned 40.

Mid life crisis? No.

Finding the courage to follow my dreams? YES!

As I type this I just realised that all of my interests and anything I chose to be involved in has a common link.  My varied interests have laid the foundations for my interest in Interior Design.  Never before has this path looked more obvious to me than now.


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