“I believe design is less about trends and more about a feeling or experience that stays with you.


Anastasia here, a self confessed homeware and interior addict and founder of Mood Design.

I’m a homebody at heart who loves to make a place feel like a home.  There’s a certain feeling you have at ‘home’ that no other place gives you.  A place you always look forward to returning to and never want to leave.

THAT  feeling.. or ‘Mood’ is what I aim to create.

As a young girl I helped dad renovate most weekends, while mum would vie for my attention in the kitchen.  Fast forward 30 years and I’ve accumulated a healthy collection of tools whilst renovating my home – solo.  I’ve built furniture, cabinets, decking screens, plastered, tiled, even jackhammered!  But I didn’t steer too far from the kitchen – any opportunity to create something usually gets my attention including cooking, drawing, photography, knitting, gardening and more.

I’ve been called “the friend you call to assemble your ikea furniture!”.

After 20 years in the corporate industry I realised my natural creative flair would always emerge as a strength.  In that time I also completed my Advanced Diploma in Business Management and Project Management and have a broad range of experience in leadership, customer experience, change management, innovation and design thinking.  I’ve facilitated executive conferences and run numerous workshops teaching people to think differently and discover their creativity.  Most recently, my Human Centred Design experience has given me a deeper understanding of empathy in the business sense – taking the time to listen and understand the customer before designing a solution.

In 2015 I finally decided to take the plunge and start Mood Design.  Soon after, I completed my Cert IV Interior Design and more recently, completed my Diploma qualification.  Since then I’ve worked on various design, styling and staging projects.

“Your surroundings create your state of mind”

It is proven that our environments influence emotions, state of mind and ultimately outcomes.  I show people that through physical design we not only change the look of a room but how it makes us feel.  By using elements like colour, lighting, touch and texture we should be intentional about our design choices to create the perfect mood for our homes.

To give back, I tutor Design students at a local University – passing on my knowledge and helping others along their journey is immensely satisfying.




‘To create beautiful interiors that inspire a positive + healthy you’

My natural style tends to be modern, clean and fresh with a touch of personality to create a cosy ‘homey’ feel.  I believe a space should feel warm, inviting and lived in without feeling too cluttered.  Born and bred in Brisbane, I understand the weather, location and lifestyle.  When I’m not designing I enjoy hot yoga, photography and chocolate – the first two which I hope to master one day!

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To work with me or just say hi, email me at hello@mooddesign.com.au .


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Anastasia x


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