5 lessons learned in downsizing

I recently moved from a 3 bedroom 2 garage house into a 1 bedroom apartment.

Yep.  Just me.  Lil ol’ me.  I would consider myself a minimalist and I can’t stand clutter so I didn’t think I had that much ‘stuff.  So I may have been wishful thinking when I thought I could nail this task in a weekend.  But after each box I packed, I realised I had way too much ‘stuff’.

I needed to cull – fast.  After all, how much stuff does one person need – right?

Mission accepted.  In a couple of months I sold most things online and reduced my house full of furniture from 3 bedrooms to 1.  Winning!

Ok, so the process of photographing EVERY SINGLE THING and having strangers turn up to your house isn’t the best experience, but once I started seeing the dollars roll in, I was hooked.  I wanted more.  What else could I get rid of?  I was ruthless!

It felt so cleansing.  As things started walking out the door, I felt lighter and less cluttered – both mentally and physically.

Move day arrived and my downsized ‘stuff’ and I were packed and ready – yet they still managed to completely fill a 2T truck..??!  Six hours later I was officially moved in to my one bedroom apartment filled with boxes from wall to wall.

Ugghhh.. are we there yet?  I’m stuffed!

Over the next few weeks and months, most of my things slowly found a new home.  But in the end I was still left with two towers of boxes in the corner of my living room with nowhere to go.  I needed a solution.

So I researched, I googled, I even designed my own solution, but I needed something quick and affordable.  In the end I decided on Ikea.  Their Besta range of cabinets allowed me to tailor my own solution to fit my unique space.  I could choose colours, finish styles and the option of drawers or doors.  It was the most personalised option for me, whilst remaining affordable.  The worst part of the process was working out how to use the Ikea Besta Planner software, but once I nailed it, I was off!

Ta Daaaaaa..  Here it is..  before and after.



It’s sooo much cleaner now!

I think you’ll agree it’s a definite improvement and a great solution for anyone requiring a personalised storage solution.

My lessons learned in this experience:

  1. You will always fill every space: No matter how much space you have, you will fill it.
  2. You will adapt: In saying that, if you are willing to downsize or change your lifestyle, you can and you will adapt – it’s just a matter of time.  Be patient.
  3. You don’t need that stuff: You don’t need half the ‘stuff’ you currently have – question how much value it’s adding to your life.
  4. Detachment – start small but once you master the art of detachment to ‘stuff’ you realise you don’t need it to fulfil your happiness in life.
  5. Happiness is about living life not about the stuff I own – I will never rush back to a house on my own – this apartment serves the lifestyle I was seeking at this stage in my life and I don’t miss half the ‘stuff’ I got rid of.

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