Home Salon

“Anastasia was an endless source of inspiration and ideas for my salon.  Confronted with endless options when it came to interior design, Tass was able to provide valuable direction, solutions and assistance with everything from colour palette to layout and decor.  Tass created an amazing floor plan, decor and finishing touches.  She was able to come up with brilliant space solutions which resulted in the most functional and beautiful salon.  Not only was Tass professional and creative, she provided great follow up service sourcing finishing touches to make my salon complete.  I highly recommend!”

A typical home double garage in a lowest brick home converted to a hair salon.  Client wanted a minimalist scandinavian look to compliment her high end service offering.

The couple had were puzzled for a layout that would maximise the most of the space but were at a loss for a practical and functional solution.  After a short visit, I presented them with a few concepts which they loved.  They were surprised at the simplicity of the layout and wondered why they hadn’t come up with this sooner.

The client sought my services on functional layout, spatial planning and furniture placement and design aesthetics.  She welcomed my recommendations for certain decor pieces using my networks and trade benefits.  All trades and other materials sourced by client.


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